Parts that protect against scattered radiation

  • Hanging strips/solid wall protect from scattered radiation.
  • The Velcro fasteners are non-protective.


  • The scattered radiation shield is not meant to be used as the sole radiation shield.
  • The product is meant to be used in conjunction with PPE (e.g. single front aprons, coat aprons, thyroid collars) and protective structures.
  • The product protects the user of radiation from scattered radiation (in particular scattered radiation aimed at the lower body).
  • The product can be used as a scattered radiation shield in procedure- and operating tables of different sizes.

Introduction into use

  • When you receive your product, check it visually and carry out an RTG/X-ray inspection before starting to use it.
  • If you notice anything wrong with the product, you must inform the manufacturer immediately (within 14 days).

Product guarantee

  • The product is guaranteed for two years from the date of sale.

Please note:

  • The strips/solid wall must try to kept straight.
  • The product must not be sterilised.
  • The strips/solid wall must not be unnecesary fold or bent, as the shielding effect of the product is reduced if the protective materials such as the lead rubber are broken.


  • The product must be cleaned without unnecessary folding the strips.
  • All parts of the shield can be cleaned with universal cleaning agent.
  • The material can also withstand disinfecting with alcohol.


  • Model S200 is easy to store on a small instrument table and can be transferred directly to use (see transfer instructions
  • Try to keep the cover neatly, e.g. hanging on a pole. Avoid unnecessary folding.