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Solid wall


Paxot Oy’s S100 is a scattered radiation shield with a solid lead rubber mat inside. The solid wall can be attached to the table with Velcro loops, Velcro tape, grommets through hooks or Velcro fasteners attached to the main section of the shield.

The solid lead rubber mat attached to the main section provides effective protection from scattered radiation.

Basic model


The S200 is our duplex basic model of shield, and is handy and versatile. It is quick to set up and fits all kinds of tables, even small and narrow ones.

The S200 basic model protects in two directions. Both wall sections consist of 4-6 lead rubber strips. The strips are attached to the main section by high-frequency reinforced bonding. Inside the strips is protective lead rubber (0.5 Pb). The main section is non-protective.

End model


The S210 is an additional part for the S200, which is easy to fit between the Velcro fasteners of the S200.

It is very suitable for use on an examination table, when the end also requires scattered radiation protection. The main section (45 x 52,5 cm) is non-protective, and its double-sided Velcro fastening enables it to be attached to the basic model. Four bonded strips attaching to the main section form the shield section (52,5 x 72 cm), the protective material of which is lead rubber (0.5 Pb).

Modifiable model


The S300/310 is the most versatile of the range, and provides significant protection against scattered radiation in different directions. This model has a cowling going all around the table, on which are Velcro fasteners, which adapt to the shape of the table. One single or several whole lead rubber-filled strips can be attached to the Velcro part at the desired points. During the installation process, a gap may be left for moving an X-ray device or other equipment.

Loop model


The S400 is a shield that attaches to the edge of the procedure table with Velcro loops. It consists of 4-6 protective strips. The loop model can also be quickly attached to the desired points even in the middle of an examination. Two loop models can also be attached “over the table”. It is easy to combine a loop model with a solid shield or the S200 basic model.

Customized model


In models fully tailored to the needs of the customer, it is possible to select the size of solid wall or bonded strips required for the shield section. As standard, the shield section contains lead rubber 0.5 Pb and the surface material of the high-frequency welded strips is washable and tough PVC.

Alternative for attaching are Velcro loops, adhesive velcro tape and grommets.

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